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par Mast - le 28/12/2013
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par Mast - le 28/12/2013

91 Rare Pictures of Stan Lee.

[ENG] It's Stan Lee's birthday today, he's 91 (big boy), so, here's 91 rare pictures of The Man, co-creator of Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and a lot more.

[FR] C'est l'anniveraire de Stan Lee, 91 ans ce jour. Pour fêter ça, voici 91 photos peu connues du monsieur qui a co-crée Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four et bien d'autres.


1) Let's start with Young Stanley Lieber on a horse, in the late 20s.


2) Sad Young Stanley is sad.


3) It's 1932, Stanley is happy, he has a little brother, now, Larry.


4) Stanley in 1939. Pic from his High-School Yearbook.


5) From 1942 to 1945, Stanley was in the Army. There, he learned how to drive cars.


6) Good Guy Stanley met Joan in the late 40s. Not the Joan from Mad Men. But close enough.


7) Uncle Scroo-hem, Stanley married Joan in 1947, six weeks after meeting her.


8) Stanley chose a pseudonym back in 1941, when he started working for Timely Comics. Stan Lee. Why not. Also, in 1947, he now smokes pipe.


9) Stan & Joan Lee, happily married.


10) Like, REALLY.

Get a room, you two.


11) It's the 50s. Stan Lee's still working for Timely, currently called Atlas. He's looking good.


12) At Atlas, Stan's working his ass off. Writing stories in a variety of genres. Look at him, in all his glory, in 1954.


13) Isn't he beautiful? (1953)


14) Workin'.


15) Smilin'.


16) Writin' and smilin'. 


17) Driving cars like he learned in the Army.

At least, he's never going to have a traffic accident.


18) With his best friend, Joe Maneely.


19) 10 months before creating the Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby.


20) Now, Marvel Comics exist. The very first picture of Stan Lee published in a Marvel comic-book, in 1964.

It's true, he smiles a lot.


21) Here's Stan in 1964. 

My bad, that's not Stan, it's Bill Everett, co-creator of Daredevil with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. I'm so sorry for the mix-up. It will not happen again.


22) Here are Stan Lee & Jack Kirby & others in 1966, during a meeting at The Cartoonist Society.


23) 1966, again. 


24) 1966, always.

Oops, sorry, that was Steve Ditko. Spider-Man's co-creator, who left Marvel in 1966. 


25) So. Back to Stan. 1966, always.


26) I guess 1966 is the year where Stan found out he was good looking. One more.


27) 1968, Stan wins a Scarp Award during the Scarp Comic Convention in New-York. The first large-scale comics convention. 


28) Oh, yes, I forgot, in 1968, Stan grows a goatee.


29) The 70's. 

The Marvel bEard.


30) Stan, in 1971, Manhattan.

Oups, sorry, again, THAT IS NOT STAN LEE, it was Jack Kirby, co-creator of Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men and many others. He left Marvel in 1970.


31) THAT is Stan, in 1971, Manhattan.


32) 1971, again. Pic from an article in the New-York Times. That year, Stan indirectly helped reform the Comics Code Authority.


33) 1972. Stan is a superstar. Power to the mustache!


34) Here during the Lucca Comic Convention in Italy. (1972, again)


35) Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. (1972)


36) Still 1972. Year of the Stache.


37) 1973.


38) 1974.


39) 1974. Brace yourselves, white hair is coming.


40) Marvel Bullpen. Stan, Marie Severin and John Romita Senior.


41) With Spidey. 1974.


42) Stan with Dihanne Carroll and Arte Johnson


43) 1975. FOOM Comic Convention.


44) No stache. Mustache. Goatee. 



45) 1975. Pic from the back of a record. 


46) Knock knock.

 Who's there?


47) It's Stan "The Pornstache" Lee. 

You may have already seen this one, but not entirely. On the left is Richard Pesta, aka Captain Sticky. Photo taken by Alan Light, during San Diego ComicCon 1975.


48) Again in the New York Times. 1975.


49) Uncle Stan needs you!


50) I love those ads for Crazy Magazine. 

Seriously. A geek pimp. That's hot.


51) 1976.


52) With Jenette Kahn, DC's boss at the time. 1976.


53) With Nicholas Hammond, who played Peter Parker back in the day. 1977.


54) A-hem. What are you doing exactly Spidey?


55) Stan Lee, writer.


56) Stan is a star, he gave his name to a parking space.


57) In front of the White House, during the annual Easter Egg Hunt.


58) With Solomon Brodsky, right-hand of Stan Lee at Marvel and the Green Goblin, in front of the White House during the same Easter Egg Hunt.


59) With John Romita Senior in 1978.


60) Stan & Joan. Still in love after 40 years together. 


61) Stan in 1978. Soon, he'll leave New-York. 


62) 1978 again, but... No mustache? Where is it? Where's the stache?


63) 1980. WIth Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom.


64) 80's. With Chris Claremont.


65) Stan, Joan. A Roll's Royce. That's 1985. The Lees are now in California.

Nia, nia.


66) 1986, with Jim Shooter, Marvel's editor.


67) The 90's. Stan Lee is now a trademark.


68) In 1996, Lee announced "Unfinished Business", a new project which would see Marvel temporarily outsourcing the production of several of its most famous comic books to the studios of its popular former employees Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld. "Heroes Reborn", one of the worst thing that ever happened to Marvel was coming.


69) 2000's. Michael Jackson. At some point MJ was going to buy Marvel. True story.


70) That pic is not rare. But come on. I had to put it here. 


71) New York Comic Con 2007. Joe Sinott, Stan Lee & John Romita Senior.


72) Stan Lee, at Pow! offices in Los Angeles. His latest enterprise.


73) Hum.


74) With Mark Waid. If you have a tablet or a smartphone, go read something on Thrillbent, Mark's website. Like, Insufferable or Pax Arena or The Walking Pandas or Moth City or The Eight Seal or The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood...


75) With a fake mustache.


76) At Toronto Fan Expo in 2010. Stan is 88 years old. 


77) He has his own jacket. (San Diego Comic Con 2010)


78) His own Mini-Stan.


79) His own Tacos.


80) 2011. San Diego Comic Con.


81) Stan, in the middle of his co-creations. 2011.


82) I hope at some point we'll get a Spider-Men team comic-book. With Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099...


83) Stan Lee is getting old, tough, sometimes he can't find his way back at home and find himself on stage with Aerosmith. 2012.


84) 90 years old in 2012. Captain America 100, published in 1968, is almost half as old as Stan.


85) I forgot to put this one before and I don't want to start over the numbering and stuff.


86) Stan Lee on the set of “Comic Book Men” at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, in 2012.


87) Stan & Joan, still in love sinc-... What? Stan. What the hell, Stan. Stan. STAN. She's got boobs. 

Joan is far too kind with that guy, i'm tellin' ya.


88) Caption this.


89) Stan in his californian home, where he writes stuff. That's where he wrote the Marvel Infinite Wolverine Special, for example.


90) May 2013. 


91) October 2013. I meet Stan Lee, with my bro Geoffo. No time to tell him that we're now working for Marvel. Enough time to smell his neck. 


Damn, I'm sorry, that's a pic of me in front of Steve Ditko's office door. There you go:




Also, if you like digital only comics, have a look at Iron Man Fatal Frontier #12. Geoffo and I did the layouts.




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